Sunday, October 4, 2009

I’m not your ‘wich, ‘wich!

Joey Tribbiani is not the only sandwich lover; combine quality ingredients and some freshly baked bread and you have a meal that people love. Sandwiches are however, synonymous with sporting events, and the absence of this televised event cannot be replaced with the Real Housewives of Atlanta. 
We began with the Tuna Melt which was popular, and for some a favorite, then cruised into the provolone and mozzarella melt.  This encouraged a season premiere discussion.  Apparently female lawyers don’t wear skirts, some people still don’t know about George O’Mally’s death, and the fate of Dr. House is to be determined.  The final sandwich was a favorite and went fast; roasted turkey with bacon, tomato, and onion marmalade.  Great sandwiches, but a single ingredient stole the show: slow roasted tomatoes.  Easy and delicious on everything, I may keep a stash in the fridge.  My one foodie disappointment was the fault of the Midwest.   Salad on a Stick: difficult to eat, and really not necessary.  Damn Iowa. 
Our night of ‘Wichcraft included some repeat visitors, as well as a New Guy. However, these once strangers have a philanthropic bond: the feline underground railroad.  As participants in this humanitarian foundation, my Level Headed guest, her Eternally Young husband, the life coach Ava, and her husband Poe feed stray cats for several days and become emotionally attached.  It is at this point that the cat ‘shows the butt’ and flees never to be seen again. The New Guy turned out to be a recent participant in this foundation.  He immediately gained access to our click. 
Evening Slip Ups:
The cookie pan from Williams-Sonoma is the devil.  The first attempt resulted in a cake with separation anxiety, and the second round was not completely cooled before I dumped an unmeasured amount of homemade ice cream between the layers.  The result was a gooey mess that tasted delicious but visually resembled a mishap in home-economics class.  Other than that, though it seems like plenty of time has past, your friends may not look back and laugh at a past predicament... They may, in-fact, be tempted to show the butt.  I guess some stories are better left in the vault.  

The Party in Numbers:
Parties Completed: 4
Weeks before deadline: 48 
Justified Purchases: Ice cream cookie-cake pan, 6 napkins, 12 red wine glasses
Bottles of wine consumed: 4ish
Next Party: just around the corner

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