Wednesday, October 7, 2009

If you cook it, they will come....

I love my friends; they are extremely supportive. But they do have lives of their own, and at times issues that are more important than attending a dinner party.  When two people cancelled Monday night, I took it in stride.  When two more cancelled Tuesday morning, I began to worry.  When I had four more cancellations around 2:00, I began Flipping Out in a manner that was Jeff Lewisesque mixed with a Housewife reunion.  

As my husband went on operation guest list, I did what any woman in my position would do; poured a glass of Chardonnay, popped Love Actually into the DVD player and continued preparing a meal for ten people.  

With the prep work finished, and ten beautifully iced tres leches cupcakes, I had three people confirmed.  As the hours past, old and new friends began texting.  Soon we were back at a 10 person guest list.   Around 6:30, I had a new dilemma: in one hours time, 14 people were coming over for a party set to feed 10.  Thanks to the nearby grocery store, a stocked pantry and some very fast stirring, I was able to stretch the menu with some extra beef, a roasted chicken, a few blocks of pepper jack, and a can of vanilla frosting.  

Although I wasn’t what you would call neatly prepared when my pajama clad friends arrived; the sink was full of dishes, my husband had yet to shower, and the wine pairing taste test was abandoned, the night came together surprisingly well.  This large group of old and new friends found enough in common with foreign accents, the myth of Creole Fried Chicken, and Reisling versus Rioja to keep the house loud with laughter for many hours.  

Evening Slip Ups: 
No party is perfect and as if the guest list issue wasn’t enough, my two year old decided to remove our powder room doorknob.  Anyone who chose to use the facilities needed to go with a partner.  And, what to do with the taste test prize?  There were quite a few arguments over how a winner should be selected, and finally, one was pulled from a hat.  As luck would have it, the winner used Martha Stewart Wine to ensure a taco appropriate Sauvignon Blanc.  

Around 12:45 when the house was empty, I crawled into bed wearing my party PJ’s  still in awe of how the day had progressed.  I have decided, if you are very lucky, Love Actually is all around....especially on Taco Tuesday. 

The Party in Numbers:
Number of Parties: 5
Weeks until deadline: 47.5
Justified Purchases: Pajamas!
Bottles of wine consumed: 7ish

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  1. great food and great comedy! great party, lori!
    hope to see you soon