Thursday, December 16, 2010

Louboutin Soup

Since we're on the subject of guilty pleasures, I feel obligated to address my shoe addiction.  Few things make me happier than sliding my manicured foot into a great shoe; and these shoes were worn to virtually every appropriate occasion in 2010.  I love the design, the heel and, of course, the perfectly painted red sole that reminds me of their fabulousness should I ever dare to forget.  A semi realist, my favorite thing to pair with fabulous shoes is a $12 vintage dress from a second hand  store. I majored in Economics after all. 

This week's French Friday selection was a potato and leek soup; a humble soup with great flavor, but on its own, a bit drab. Then I added the recommended truffle oil and instantly transformed this soup from meager to chic.  Truffle oil is the Louboutin shoe potato leek soup is the $10 dress and together they are fabulous.

Requiring a short list of relatively inexpensive ingredients this recipe was quite attractive.  One quick grocery trip and some basic prep work later and the house was filled with the delicious aroma of onions frying in beautiful butter.  
Once the potatoes and leeks joined in with the stock, I was able to leave my vegetables to simmer and tackle the latest list of holiday chores. A mere forty-five minutes later I had a beautiful lunch that not only knocked the chill from my bones, but made me hunger for a trip to Paris with my expensive shoes in tow. 

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  1. Love the shoes and the analogy. Very clever!!!

  2. The soup looks wonderful! And the shoes? Absolutely gorgeous. :)

  3. Love the metaphor with the shoes and the dress being the truffle oil and the soup! So clever. And your shoes are F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! I'm so excited that he just opened his first store in Australia! Now I just have to save up for them :) -Laura

  4. I love the shoes! I am sure that they would look fabulous on my Euro-chic sister (not that I am opposed to wearing them:)
    I like the subtle combination of leeks and potatoes, but I believe that the truffle oil would elevate the soup to another level.

  5. Love the cute! Im glad you liked the soup too!

  6. Love the shoes (and the analogy). Truffle oil is a great idea to send this soup over the edge!

    Happy New Year.