Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kathy's Storytime

After a week of craziness on the job, and Saturday dedicated to an Indian wedding, Friday night was benchmarked for comfort food and old friends.  Determined to be the organized hostess, the prep began early... Thursday night early, with homemade remoulade, cocktail, and tarter sauces completed, and a graham cracker crust assembled and cooling on the oven.  Bright and early Friday morning I drove my kids to school in pajamas (looking like a mad housewife from the square states,) and returned home to stuff some peppers, finish a key lime pie, and assemble the cole slaw. Thankfully, these tasks were completed by 11:00 before I ran down the street to have my hand painted with henna to show wedding day support for Saturday’s bride to be. Unable to wash my hand for several hours, I dressed the table and arranged flowers... I think I have the key to an organized dinner party-- early prep.  

Several hours later, the Brits arrived with two fabulous Sauvignon Blancs, followed by Padma and Frankie Funtime who toted a Cabernet fresh from the vineyard. Appetizers went well as we caught up on the Brits work, Padma’s inability to be fake, and Frankie’s finals. Cleared for handwashing, I joined my trusty sous chef in the kitchen to batter the catfish and plate our side dishes.  Having been drowned in books for several weeks, Frankie admitted how fried fish was a welcome reminder of childhood, and the Brits agreed citing their own fish and chips. After some serious dual frying, dinner was finally ready.  
Though one may handle a sticky situation with class, ala Nicole Kidman, enough wine appears to bring out the Kathy Griffin... and she’ll cut a bitch.  Amidst glares from spouses and a plethora of Jeff Lewis quotes, the table erupted in laughter as stories spilled about careers from long ago, the misuse of pottery barn pillow cases, and how pickles on a sandwich can ruin an entire day.  A few hours later, Frankie Funtime’s dedication to his studies prevailed as he bid goodbye, taking Padma and the Brits with him.  

The years pass by faster and faster.  Careers change, addresses change, and spouses arrive on the scene.  It’s nice to know that old friends and a little fried fish can still comfort the soul...  in a fashionable way, of course.

Cooking Notes: 
Regular potato fries had to replace the planned sweet potato due to an availability issue.  I will figure out the difference between a yam and a sweet potato sometime this week.  A pound of shrimp were roasted in a last minute attempt to break up my fried fiasco.  This seemed to be a welcome addition.  

The Party in Numbers:
Parties completed: 7
Weeks before deadline: 45
Bottles of wine consumed: 3ish
Beers consumed: 8
Justified purchases: white tablecloth, 6 black placemats, 1 deep fryer 

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