Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fashionable, yet comforting

Once upon a time three twenty something girls dreamed of exciting careers in the fashion industry. With overpriced clothes and visions of fashion week, they pranced into a Houston Modeling Agency for a few years of employment and a lifetime of stories. Fast forward seven years, and the three now form a group of six as husbands join the click. This unlikely group has bonded over the past year with barbeques, drinks, and a few stories from years ago. So, as we prepare for another night spent around the dinner table… break out the wash and wear because we are frying up some comfort food!
Bacon-wrapped banana peppers stuffed with Borsin cheese
Packin’ a Punch Slaw
Fried Catfish
Sweet Potato Fries
Key Lime Pie
I do wonder... amidst all of this comfort food, will we have comfortable shoes? Not a chance.

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