Monday, October 5, 2009

"Who else would show up for dinner in their pajamas? On Taco Tuesday nonetheless."

Well, Jeff Lewis....perhaps Martha Stewart?

I’m a whore for Bravo Television.  Flipping Out, the Housewives, Top Chef, and when I really feel intellectual, a little Inside the Actors Studio... Gotta love James and his big words.  So, fresh off the heels of ‘Wichcraft I’m gonna give the midweek party another shot with an authentic Taco Tuesday, Flipping Out style.  Friends have agreed to don their pajamas this Tuesday evening for some tacos, TV, and wine.  

Now, I planned this party before I realized one small detail: in all of my years of cooking I have never made tacos.  Enchiladas, yes, I even make a good taco dip, but tacos with the tortillas and shredded lettuce, not once.   So, with around 10 confirmed guests I turned to the internet and discovered that Martha Stewart may have hosted a few Taco Tuesday’s in her day.  Why else would she offer all of these recipes?

Slow Roasted Chili Chicken Tacos
Beef Tacos
Fish Tacos with Salsa Verde and Radish Salad
And Just as I cursed the no repeat rule for taking away my Mexican Brownie dessert, Martha pulls through again with Tres Leches Cupcakes.  I think she might be the mother of all invention. 

The Challenge:
So with all of this great  Perhaps a margarita is a more obvious choice.  
Well, to carry on the wine theme, and make it interesting for those toting bottles to the house, a blind taste test of all wines will take place.  The best match will receive a prize. Choose wisely my friends! 

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  1. margarita, one paying attention to the details! as long as spirits are included, we are happy! you rock...