Sunday, April 11, 2010

Party #31 Complete, Party #32 Scheduled... One Hell of a Multi-Tasking Weekend

I blame Sterling Vineyard's  organic Sauvignon Blanc.
After a day of cooking/baking, Food Intolerance and I retired to the patio to enjoy some wine, foodie bits, and perhaps a laugh or two.  What began as our happy hour grew to involve neighbors, friends, and eventually my family arrived with overnight bags and last minute ingredients from our pantry.  I give you party #31.
As kids played kickball, and the neighbor passed out Jaegar bombs, my husband and I mixed meatloaf, whipped up some cookies, and peeled and boiled potatoes.  When the Very Tired Doctor arrived home to a blaring stereo and house filled with people, he fell right into place; applied bandages to scrapped knees and checked for broken toes.  Around 9:00 that evening with the buffet finally set, friends enjoyed the all American meat and potato meal.  After dinner came cigars, cookies, and more kickball as we snuggled under blankets and enjoyed a spring night outside.  A few hours later the party broke up and leftovers were safely packaged in the fridge.  As my family retired to various guest rooms, and Food Intolerance cleaned the kitchen, it donned on me; an otherwise normal Friday is a mere salad, meatloaf, and cookies away from fabulous. 
Cooking Notes:
Meatloaf: I went outside my scratch mentality this week and used the Williams Sonoma Meatloaf Starter.  I highly recommend it for throwing together great flavors in a hurry.  It will add a pricey component to your meal at $12.50 per bottle, but well worth the cost in both taste and time. 
Salad with herbs: Per Giada’s recommendation, I added fresh mint and basil to our salad; the result was a fresh new flavor paired wonderfully with basic lemon vinaigrette. 
The Party in Numbers:
Parties Completed: 31
Weeks Before Deadline 21
Bottles Consumed: 4
Justified Purchases: zero!

Now, why were Food Intolerance and I cooking on Friday?  Well, we were preparing for a ragin’ cajun dinner for her father.  With another birthday upon us, it seemed high time to gather the family over the heart warming flavors of gumbo and the excitement of bananas fosters.  Our Menu:
Cayenne Toasts
Paula’s Dill Dip
Cajun Caesar Salad
Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo
Bananas Fosters
Though I have learned to never say never with this blog, I don’t think there will be Jaegar bombs. 

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