Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let them drink wine!

Maybe it’s because girls were mean to me in middle school, or maybe it’s because at thirty-one, my girlfriends are an amazing source of fun.  Either way, I adore girls night.  I know I am in for laughter, stories, and perhaps a little legal advice.   

With the Level Headed One, Food Intolerance and Karen Walker all in attendance, the night began the way any girl’s night should; with a bottle of Crystal...ino.  The Level Headed one not only offered bottles of wine, but cheese and crackers. (Proving her namesake yet again.)  Our conversation spanned the Thanksgiving catch up, the Christmas prequel, and a personal wrap up of the 90210 party.  Apparently Kelly isn’t the coveted character.  

The food lent itself well to a movie night. The appetizer was light and let everyone enjoy pizza without extreme carb guilt.  After a disastrous attempt at a gluten free pizza crust, a frozen substitute went into the oven for Food Intolerance.  Having prepped the pizza toppings and dessert well in advance, my time in the kitchen was minimal letting me enjoy the night along with my guests.  With Love, Actually on the television, and multiple pieces of sound movie-watching advice: “watch this part”  the four of us kept the party going until well past curfew as a glass of champagne spilled under the tree.   Our Level Headed Mommy was the first out the door, followed by the unlikely Sober-Sis Karen Walker.  Food Intolerance offered a much appreciated hand in the kitchen and was off into the night a few hours later.  

I still love Monday night for entertaining friends.  Although the girls are not quite as disciplined on exit times, it was a fantastic way to kick off the first week of December, and relax before the pressures of holiday cocktail parties were upon us.  It seems that girlfriends are a lot like family.  There are times you love them, and others that you don’t, but in the midst of inevitable drama you may find that love actually is all around.  And, if not, just add more wine! 

Cooking Notes: A working mom asked for a menu for her girl’s night in, and I converted this one to fit a busier schedule: substitute frozen pizza dough for fresh, a pre-made veggie tray, and some cookies from the bakery and you have a dinner on the table in no time. 

The Party in Numbers:
Parties Completed: 15
Weeks Before Deadline: 38
Bottles of Wine Consumed: 6 (we did spill a glass)
Justified Purchases: none! 

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  1. lori: i am so proud of you and your blog. i wasnt even there and it seems you guys had a blast! your humor is so clever.. i love it and will miss you while away. hugs..