Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Will it be good enough?

This question haunts my life and takes on a whole new meaning during the holiday season.  Between gifts, dinners, events, and travel I spend more time worrying if I did everything correctly than enjoying the season for what it is; a time to reflect, express gratitude, and celebrate. 

Yesterday I was exhausted; a dear friend of mine had endured a tragedy, my ten year old had a science fair project to complete, and I was hosting a dinner party for two family members.  With my mind scattered and emotions running high I didn’t have the energy to stress about the meal.  Dinner was simple; a bowl of soup, salad, some bread and a sundae.  And it was fantastic.  As we all sat down to eat I was so happy to have pulled together this event merely because it brought us together. We weren’t getting words in during commercials breaks on Monday Night Football, we were around the dinner table talking and laughing.  The dinner reminded me why I started this project; to have weekly celebrations with friends and family over good food and wine.  

As we retired to the family room with a sundae in hand, everyone was still tired but a bit happier.  Great things happen when you end your day with a good meal.  And sharing that meal with family... well, there is just nothing better. 

Cooking Notes:
I made a successful batch of caramel!  The secret: heavy cream.  I suggest Ina Garten’s recipe for caramel sauce available on foodnetwork.com; easy and absolutely delicious.  All that AND you won’t rip off any of your dental work. 

The Party in Numbers:
Parties Completed: 13
Weeks before deadline: 40
Justified Purchases: zero!
Bottles of Wine Consumed: 1 (Californians... light weights!)

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  1. Thanks Lori -- we enjoyed being with you guys so much!!! We are glad that we are now a published part of something you love -- just bring wine ---. Good luck~ Hope to see you soon!!!! Marcus and Hajnal