Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Everyone Needs a Playdate

I remember my kindergarden playdates with my partner in crime Emily Durr; tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches followed by a jump over her chain-link fence to pick gooseberries in her neighbor’s yard.  Hell on my white tights, but a great afternoon.  There is something soulful about being with your friends for the mere purpose of play and perhaps a few rule breaks.

This week’s party began as an innocent mom’s group with children, Charlie Brown specials and a little wine for the mommies. One mom scheduled her nanny, a godmother decided to send the godchildren to a fall festival, and call me a follower but I’ve convinced the husband to take the kids out for a few hours.  So, rather than having a mom’s group this Friday, a few thirty-something women are having a playdate.

Gruyere sandwiches with caramelized onions
Chestnut and celery root soup with sage croutons and bacon
Baked apples in a caramel sauce

Now, in true playdate tradition, our supervision (now in the form of spouses) will arrive around 6:00.  I’ve planned to squeeze out extra play time and distract them with some African Spiced Lentil Dip and Pita Bread.  

The juice boxes may have been replaced by bottles of wine, the cheese may be imported, but hopefully a playdate can feed an older soul... and perhaps encourage a few rule breaks. 

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