Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sometimes it's the family you are born into, and sometimes it's the one that you make for yourself.

When I think of family dinner, I immediately think of  sitting at a round kitchen table with my parents and older sister when I was five years old.  I can still remember sitting in a brown plastic booster seat and eating my favorite meal: spaghetti and garlic bread. I sat at that table for the first 18 years of my life.  Together with my family, I sat there for birthdays and holidays, through fights and bad report cards, (my D in 5th grade science caused a particularly awkward evening)  armed with my favorite dishes and the occasional burned bread. Regardless of this vivid  memory, it was not a mere thought as I hosted a revamped family dinner for four dear friends. 

After considering my husband’s Red Lobster memory with platers of popcorn shrimp, cheese bread, and fries, I came up with the following menu:

  • Fried shrimp with remoulade and cocktail sauce
  • A copycat recipe of the Red Lobster cheese biscuit with garlic butter
  • Traditional dinner salad, and by traditional I mean boring
  • Mediterranean fish soup with shrimp
  • Homemade chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate      shards.

As I stirred and served, I waited for a fight to break out, someone to cry, or someone to come out of the closet.  Nope.  I accepted that though dramatic, my life is not a sitcom.  So what made it a family dinner?  Maybe it was when a guest was unable to find a wine chiller and made one out of a stock pot and ice, or that the little brother was a no-show.  Or maybe it was the mere fact that we all came together. I wish I could say I had a revelation while eating and laughing with my friends, but in reality I had a full belly, a wine buzz and a smile. So I can’t help but wonder what forms a family? 

Party #2 is scheduled for.... tomorrow afternoon.

The party in numbers:

  • Parties Completed:  1
  • Weeks until deadline:  51
  • Justified Purchases: 2 (cloth napkins and a jazzy printed apron)
  • Bottles of wine consumed: 4 ish 

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