Tuesday, September 15, 2009

“I’m gonna shove this [blog] down your f****ing throat.”

Serena and I had similar feelings at the US Open this week.  I’ll get back to that.

Two and half years ago I stopped working full time to stay home with my kids. With all of my friends still working and none with children of their own I ventured out to a Moms group.  I remember being one of three moms sitting in a circle with our two-four week old babies.  All of us were exhausted and overwhelmed but nobody was comfortable enough to admit it.  Happy to break up the monotonous day of eat, sleep, feed the baby, I returned a week later to the same Moms group.  To my horror, I was the only attendant.  As I scrambled to get back to my car, the group leader offered to ‘talk to me one on one if that was what I needed.’ Haunted with memories of the school counselor, that was my final attempt at Moms group. Until yesterday. 

With two of my closest friends toting around babies of their own, it was time to give Moms group another try.  With a plan to watch Oprah (which I made certain TiVo was recording), my guests arrived at 4:00 carrying children, bottles, plastic containers of macaroni and cheese, toys and of course wine. 

After introductions and a toast with some lovely champagne, we occupied our kids and settled in for the ultra important Whitney Houston interview.  However, in place of our two divas were two men and a green court.  The network had the nerve to post the following: 

The Oprah Season Premiere with Whitney Houston has been rescheduled for 7:00 pm after the US Open.  

Are you kidding me?  Oprah picked the president... She can’t reschedule a silly tennis match? 

Sometimes the show must go on, but in this situation, the party needed to go on.  So, while one baby napped, two others played, and the 10 year old made $15 bucks keeping all of them in line, the moms sat around the kitchen table and enjoyed soup, salad, and Mexican brownies with a wonderful dessert wine.   As we discussed motherhood, family, careers, and the impossible balance,  hours passed by and still no Oprah.  With ending ceremonies and baby wise-d children, we ended the night without watching our show, but with a plan to meet up again for a regular group. 

Around 10:00 last night as I wiped down the counters I watched the Oprah and Whitney interview.  To be honest, I’m glad it was postponed.  I know I had more fun talking with my friends than I did trying to accept the idea that Whitney would spend days locked in her bedroom doing drugs and reading her Bible. Maybe she needed a Moms group. 

The Party in Numbers
Parties Completed: 2
Weeks before deadline: 51
Justified purchases: 5 (this week: white soup bowls, salad plates, serving bowl)
Bottles of wine consumed: 6 ish

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  1. rice didnt deserve u! lol! u r too awesome with ur writing skills! i had a fab time...
    thanks again.