Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Where my gays at?"

Perhaps it’s time I stop claiming to be a limited TV watcher and begin seeking Bravo rehab. Between the Housewives and Mr. Colicchio, my only gripe with the network is the exit of Tim Gunn; life is not without disappointment. In the midst of all of this love stands my true comedic heroine, Kathy Griffin. So, with my girl’s return to the small screen, I thought best give recognition in the most appropriate manner; dinner with the gays. This week my gays and gay friendly's will bring wine and wit in anticipation of an evening full of laughter and D-List cuisine. Our menu:
Smoked Gouda and Chorizo Stuffed Jalapenos

Homemade Potato Chips

Colicchio’s Meatloaf Sandwich

Individual Strawberry Shortcakes
For the record, I’ll admit that the parties have been a little too ‘sandwich centered’ the past few weeks but I needed something easily eaten in front of the TV and sausage and peppers just seemed inappropriate.

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