Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's cheesier than disco?

The Pre-Party...
In college, it was as important as the main event.  Whether it was Homecoming or an exchange with the Phi Kappa Theta house, the fate of the evening rested in that first hour spent sipping cocktails and snapping pictures.  So, when a 70’s Dance hit the social calendar I could not resist the nostalgia.  

This week friends will bring wine and don their platforms for some cheesy cuisine followed by a night of disco dancing and a week of willing “Yellow Submarine” from their subconscious. Our menu:

Broccoli and Cheese Soup Shooter
Mini Croque Monsieur
Parmesan Crackers with a Walnut Pesto
Fried Venison Medallions with Feta Dipping Sauce
Tuscan Cheese Dessert

Better food, better drinks, and a better date... This event looks more promising than Sophomore year's Diamond Ball.... Perhaps I’ll make t-shirts and convince guests to sing and clap. 

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