Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What is 50 years old in gay years?

The idea for this menu developed months ago when the leftover meatloaf from party #31 was made into ‘Wichcraft sandwiches for a family movie night.  As Sandra Bullock threatened a thug sitting on a lawn chair I was certain of two things: it was the best sandwich I ever ate and I, too, want to carry a 22 in my Gucci bag. 
Actual prep for this meal began the night before with the meatloaf and strawberry toppings.  This left only the appetizer prep, shortcakes, and sandwich components for the day of making it a very easy menu to complete amidst work and child yoga classes. As guests arrived around 7:30, peppers were presented and shown to be not so similar.  While some were quite mild, others were hot enough to inspire a dance and glasses of milk.  Luckily, those not interested in gambling with their taste buds had red bell peppers stuffed with the same chorizo and cheese filling; a last minute addition when I was left with a cup of filling and no more jalapenos. 
As cocktail hour went into full swing with the homemade chips prepared and devoured, I assembled the various components of the sandwich.  Mid meatloaf slice, I realized that I had planned and prepped just about everything... except the record command for the actual TV show.  Yes, at 8:40 I ran to the TV and went to plan B; a recording of the show’s second showing at 10:00.  
Thank God for talkative friends.  As people munched and continued not only heated discussions regarding segregation, but also updates on What Chili Wants, and dating practices of the hearing impaired, I kept a close eye on the clock and I whipped up some cream for dessert.   With dessert served, my guests continued to discuss until exactly 10:09.  Unfortunately for my girl Kathy, the fantastic wines and heated discussion made her fair game for a slew of comments regarding botox and foreheads.    I still love you Kathy! 
Around 1:00 the next morning when the house was empty, a fraction of the dishes were washed, and my abs sore from laughing I retired to bed with a sense of pride.  We are down to ten my friends. 
Cooking Notes:
Bell Peppers/Jalapenos: Adding bell peppers to the jalapenos platter was a last minute decision, and ultimately a good one.  Next time you are throwing a BBQ I recommend the veggie mix.  
Strawberry Shortcake: This was a fantastic dessert.  Light enough to be served after a heavy meal, and sweet enough to satisfy the palate.  Summer berries come through once more with Paula Deen’s recipe

The Party in Numbers:
Parties Completed: 42
Weeks Before Deadline: 11.5
Bottles of Wine Consumed: 4
Justified Purchases: Williams Sonoma Meatloaf Starter 

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