Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Great Pumpkin

After days of limping around the house, I was determined to turn out something fabulous for a Thursday night dinner. With easy prep and a long cooking time, this French Fridays with Dorie recipe had seemed just the project. Up until October 27, all previous Pierce family pumpkins have become jack-o-lanterns.  As I tossed bacon, cheese and a dosing of heavy cream into the pumpkin shell, my husband became more than a bit concerned.  Luckily, he kept the faith.  After what seemed like an eternity in the oven, we sliced up and enjoyed every bite of this dish as I congratulated myself for coming back to the living after days of couch-bound illness.

In Texas, it's hard to see the first sign of fall; the leaves don't change, and the temperature is still in the high eighties.  A little Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin, a baked pumpkin and a bottle of wine; I think we have the new Pierce fall kick off.

The times are changing.  I used to read books, I now carry a Nook.  I used to wonder about old friends, I now see their pictures on facebook.  I used to attend book club, I now cook new recipes from a French Cookbook along with hundreds of cooks I have never met.  What makes me love this cooking group?   There is something comforting about reading through blog posts and noticing how different some people's lives may be, and yet how similar.... as we all sit down to the same meal.  Love the camaraderie, hate the rules; I can't share the recipe.  Buy a copy of the cookbook; this is one recipe you have to make. 

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  1. I was in South Texas all week last week & it was very weird for this Northeast girl to see the Halloween decorations under the palm trees. It was a Twilight Zone moment :-)
    Glad you enjoyed. This one definitely is a keeper.