Thursday, February 4, 2010

Liven up your Tuesday

On a dreary and cold Tuesday afternoon, soup salad and great fashions brought together a lunch bunch... Instant fabulous! 
I lost a bit of sleep the previous night worried that my timing issue would rear its head once more....I made up for this lost sleep by ignoring my alarm for 1+ hours the following morning.  Luckily, Food Intolerance was there as my partner in crime, prep, and place settings. Thirty minutes before the first knock at the door we stood in a spotless kitchen wearing dresses and heels looking at a completely prepared meal.  It appears we are growing.
As people arrived, mocktails served, and wine preferences announced it was evident we all had one thing in common: gratitude for an afternoon together.  Over soup, salad, stories of marriage, and the quest for the perfect dumpling/dipping sauce (apparently it involves two stores) the group came together in an interesting and cohesive manner.  My only disappointment had nothing to do with company and everything to do with sequence. Beginning the meal with the soup course meant that by the time we sashayed to the table, chose our seats and toasted each other, it had lost its piping hot quality... The next luncheon will feature dishes that move from cold to hot. 
Though the entire meal was well received, my favorite piece was the gluten free onion and shallot muffins; they were a fantastic replacement to the expected dinner roll. The next time you serve roasted chicken, or a hearty soup I encourage you to whip up a batch.  I assure you, they are well worth the extra time. 
Around 2 o’clock that afternoon the group dispersed with promises to meet again soon. The spirit of old friends is fantastic and the excitement of new friends has a spirit all its own.  I ended the day a bit inspired by this early party... Who likes breakfast?
Cooking Notes:
Mini Cheesecakes: Not only were these a sweet yet light way to end the meal, the needed chilling time required me to finish them the night before rather than the day of.  Hosting an early party? I highly recommend a dessert like this.  Less to do the day of means more time to sleep through your alarm. 
The Party in Numbers:
Parties Completed: 22
Weeks Before Deadline: 30
Bottles of Wine Consumed: 3
Justified Purchases: zero!

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