Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lunch on the Run

My father insists that time is our most valuable asset.  The older I get, the more I agree with him. On this assertion anyway.  Good food takes time; time to plan, shop and prepare.  I easily justify time spent on dinner, lunch however is another story. It seems a constant challenge to avoid redundancy in our brown bagged lunches.   While I want these midday meals to be wholesome and enjoyable, with enough variety to keep them out of the drive thru, I also don't want to spend half the morning putting them together.  On this quest for fast, healthy and creative I have discovered two assets: canned tuna and lavash.  Non perishable, tuna is a fantastic way to add protein to a garden salad or break up three days of turkey sandwiches. Lavash, a multi grained middle eastern bread, is both less fattening and more sturdy than a tortilla.  With lavash, you aren't packing a sandwich you are packing a wrap; way sexier.   The following recipe was inspired by leftovers and has become a brown bag go to. Packed with crunchy vegetables, this meal feels light as a salad.  Add the vinegar spiked rice and a siracha kick, it also passes for a poor girls sushi roll.  

Spicy Tuna Wrap
Recipe by: Lori Pierce
Grating the carrots adds moisture to the tuna salad and reduces the need for mayonnaise. 

2 cans tuna packed in olive oil, drained
1 TB mayonnaise
1-2 tsp siracha sauce
2 carrots grated
1/2 cup sliced radishes
1 stalk celery finely diced
1/4 cup yellow onion finely diced
1 cup micro-greens
1 cup leftover brown rice mixed with 1 TB rice vinegar, salt and pepper
3 pieces lavash

  1. In a bowl, combine the tuna with mayonnaise and siracha.  Taste and season as needed.  Add the carrots, radishes, celery, and onion.  
  2. With the lavash turned horizontal, lay brown rice and tuna salad side by side. Top with micro greens. 
  3. Wrap and enjoy!  

When packing these for brown bag lunches, I wrap them in parchment paper and keep them near a cool pack to ensure safe mayonnaise temperature, and crisp veggies.  These are wonderful in between meetings, class or as a time out round the house.  

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